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We are super proud to have played a (small) part in the opening keynote of SAPPHIRE 2017. Bill McDermott (CEO of SAP) kicked off the three day event, followed by Bernd Leukert (Products and Innovation, Member of the Executive Board) to discuss the magic of the SAP Cloud Platform and in particular the work of SAP Partners. Macromicro was included … legal buy viagra online usa

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Back by popular demand! A second webinar in our series on workforce analytics. Compensation Clarity. Join us for a live webinar on March 21st at 14:00 CET / 8:00 EST to discover how visualized workforce analytics complements your existing capabilities and enables deep insight into HR data, such as compensation distributions and trends. Learn how you can easily manage, monitor, … where can i buy viagra online cheap

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Join us for a live webinar on December 19th at 1:00 EST to discover how visualized workforce analytics complements your existing capabilities and empowers you to quickly and easily make more informed HR decisions. Learn how you can easily manage, monitor, and understand KPIs across your organization in one interactive view with Macromicro OrgInsight. Webinar Agenda: Organizational hierarchy as an … buy cheap viagra online australia

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Not often one gets to say that – but we do! Last week we were privileged to travel to Sofia, Bulgaria to visit SAP Labs. SAP’s offices there handle much of the development work for the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP). We were invited to the Lab along with others from the SAP Partner Advisory Council for Innovation (of which Macromicro … buy generic viagra online reviews

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For those in the SAP SuccessFactors ecosystem, last week was all about SuccessConnect2016 in Las Vegas. From Monday through Thursday the Venetian was a beehive of activity bringing together over 4000 attendees to discover what is now possible with SuccessFactors. We were one of the many SAP partners with a show presence, and had the opportunity to highlight our work … buy brand viagra online canada

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The biggest SuccessFactors event of the year is happening August 29-31 at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Join us at SuccessConnect 2016 for a fresh new look at what is possible with HANA Cloud Platform extensions for SuccessFactors. Come see us at pod C where we will be demonstrating OrgInsight, our certified HCP extension for SuccessFactors. With OrgInsight you get … buy cheap brand viagra online

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A significant challenge faced by CHROs, especially those from large and rapidly growing organizations, is managing spans of control and management layers. Spans and layers differ from one organization to another, and from one division to another, but the principles essentially remain the same for effective communication and efficient business processes. As a reminder, the span of control is the … buy female viagra online

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Come by and see us at “SAP SuccessFactors HR Journey to the Cloud” on July 7th at SAP UKI headquarters in London, UK. Macromicro will be demoing OrgInsight – our award winning organizational mapping and visual analytics application. We will be one of a handful of vendors showcasing what is possible with the SuccessFactors extension for HCP.