Joberate + OrgInsight = cost savings and cost avoidance

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Happy Tuesday! We have been busy at Macromicro. On the technology development side, OrgInsight is now listed as an official application for SAP customers in the SAP Store. We are also developing a strategic integration with SuccessFactors, a native connector to the SAP’s cloud-based Human Capital Management system (more on this later). However, all this technology is unimportant if our … Read More

OrgInsight featured on SAP HANA blog

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Macromicro was excited to be featured in SAP Startup Focus Program blog as a use-case of leveraging SAP HANA Cloud Platform for securely managing and quickly analyzing workforce-related data. Below is the SAP blog excerpt and read the rest on their blog here HANA Use Case: Macromicro SAP HANA, an in-memory platform, enables managing, analyzing, and processing of big data, … Read More

Moneyball and Asking the Right Questions.

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“People who run ball clubs, they think in terms of buying players. Your goal shouldn’t be to buy players; your goal should be to buy wins. And in order to buy wins, you need to buy runs. …Baseball thinking is medieval. They are asking all the wrong questions.” — Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) Jonah Hill as Peter Brand in the … Read More

Rackspace chooses OrgInsight as enterprise HR analytics solution.

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Count us as Rackspace fans!  We are excited and proud to announce today that Rackspace® (NYSE: RAX) has selected OrgInsight as their enterprise HR analytics solution. Ranked #29 on Fortune’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For, it is clear RAX is fanatically (there’s that word again) focused on better understanding their workforce to achieve the organizational agility necessary … Read More

The First Way to Manage Organizational Complexity is to See It. (Spoiler: Seeing is Understanding).

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While browsing the inter-webs (General Motor Innovation Labs Chief Micheal Arena’s twitter feed, specifically) seeking to build interest in my company’s visual HR Analytics service, I came across this fascinating chart from a working paper, “The Flattened Firm — Not as Advertised” by Julie Wulf. This chart was embedded as “8. How are companies dealing with complexity? With more complexity! (CEO span … Read More

On Actionable Analytics.

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Nice article in HRZONE, by Leighanne Levensaler, Vice President at Workday, about “actionable analytics.” It gets to the heart of what we set out to solve at Macromicro with OrgInsight. Levensaler states that “business professionals lack the tools to organically discover information about their workforce.” The whole process of discovery is central to our visualized approach, where patterns or concentration … Read More

Macromicro Partners with CUBES Software

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Macromicro’s OrgInsight and its new sibling, PeopleMap, have a new friend to play with in human resource analytics and workforce business intelligence sandboxes: CUBES Software. CUBES collects and organizes critical master data about organizations and their workforce such as names, titles, compensation, etc., while Macromicro provides workforce visualizations for users to view, sort, analyze, and discover these organizational data. Together, profound business insight is … Read More

Macromicro Joins the SAP Startup Focus Family.

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As many of you know, Macromicro has been working diligently through sapstartuppartner the final phases of the SAP Startup Focus Program (SFP). We are proud to announce our HR Analytics data visualization service was validated in Q4 of 2014. SAP has graciously welcomed us into the SAP SFP family on their SFP blog. Although OrgInsight was soft-launched on SAP HANA … Read More

Your Workforce, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

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New to OrgInsight is functionality that has been a prototype for a few months now: a workforce data timeline. Users of Macromicro’s analytics platform can now see snapshots of their organization over past quarters and click through these troves of data with ease. The visualizations clearly show changes and trends for specific use cases. If a team is seeking to … Read More

Macromicro Will See You at HR Tech Las Vegas!

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The Macromicro Team will be in Las Vegas next month for the annual HR Technology Conference & Expo, hosted by HR Executive. Last year we debuted our groundbreaking visualizations to an enthusiastic crowd and this year we have new features and possibilities for workforce data analysis. If you have an interest in seeing how data visualization can entirely change your … Read More