Rackspace chooses OrgInsight as enterprise HR analytics solution.

Rich EckelCase Study, Rackspace

Count us as Rackspace fans!  We are excited and proud to announce today that Rackspace® (NYSE: RAX) has selected OrgInsight as their enterprise HR analytics solution.

Ranked #29 on Fortune’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For, it is clear RAX is fanatically (there’s that word again) focused on better understanding their workforce to achieve the organizational agility necessary to stay the “#1 Managed Cloud company”.

There are many reasons why working with Rackspace is amazing relationship for Macromicro. What stands out to us is RAX:

  • Recognizes Rackers as a strategic asset: To quote RAX’s Kelly Butler, Vice President, Global Rewards and HR Operations. “It’s no secret that talent has become the key driver to execute company initiatives”. There are many companies that state the same sentiment but Rackspace is doing it by investing in workforce analytics like OrgInsight.
  • Leverages data-driven talent management: To quote RAX’s vice president of Human Resources Henry Sauer: “Human Resources needs to ensure the entirety of our workforce is aligned with the corporate strategic priorities, OrgInsight helps bring simplicity and offers me unique insights to support evidence-based organizational planning and design…”
  • Builds/Buy/Partners strategically to support these goals: Although Rackspace has a tremendous concentration of skilled technical resources to build solutions to solve many of their issues, Rackspace strategically subscribes to some best of breed solutions where necessary. Whether recently moving to Workday’s HCM or trusting Macromicro to provide quick and easy self-service HR analytics for business users to gain answers themselves.
HR Analytic expert, Robert Lanning LinkedIn photo

Robert Lanning, senior dapifer of HR Research, Insights, and Analytics at Rackspace.


… but — for us — it comes down to trust and value. Don’t take our word for it:

“Generating insight out of the data should not require a data scientist”, said Robert Lanning, senior dapifer of HR Research, Insights, and Analytics at Rackspace. “As a consumer of all types of analytics, I have many options from the combination of traditional spreadsheets and PowerPoints as well as other more traditional analytics tools and data-visualization software. OrgInsight complements our existing analytic capabilities by offering a curated experience that allows my team to study employee attribute data in the organizational context.”

It turns out Rackspace is our ideal customer profile. Is that you? Click here to learn more or schedule a conversation with us!