Macromicro Joins the SAP Startup Focus Family.


As many of you know, Macromicro has been working diligently through sapstartuppartner the final phases of the SAP Startup Focus Program (SFP). We are proud to announce our HR Analytics data visualization service was validated in Q4 of 2014. SAP has graciously welcomed us into the SAP SFP family on their SFP blog.

Although OrgInsight was soft-launched on SAP HANA last fall, completing this process will allow Macromicro prospects, customers, and partners to soon purchase an OrgInsight subscription on the SAP-hosted in-memory SAP HANA platform.

SAP’s Emily Breslin explains the SAP SFP process:

“Throughout the year, the [SAP’] Value Engineering [VE] team enables startups to identify, realize, and communicate the value of their HANA-based solutions to customers. The VE process includes performing Minimum Viable Product checks and ICC certifications, aligning solutions with SAP industries, determining best fit use cases, creating business assets and collateral, showcasing startups at industry-specific webinars and DEMO days, and value management coaching by internal and external experts.”
Click through to read the SAP SFP blog post about Macromicro and others in the SAP Startup Focus Program. Find more detailed information about the benefits of SAP’s in-memory technology delivered with SAP HANA here.

Lots more to come in the year ahead!