Moneyball and Asking the Right Questions.


“People who run ball clubs, they think in terms of buying players. Your goal shouldn’t be to buy players; your goal should be to buy wins. And in order to buy wins, you need to buy runs. …Baseball thinking is medieval. They are asking all the wrong questions.” — Peter Brand (Jonah Hill)

Jonah Hill as Peter Brand in the Movie MoneyBall
I love this quote. It’s from Moneyball, the film based on the Michael Lewis book of the same title. It’s a great illustration of motivations in organizational strategy, culminating in a perplexing problem: they’re asking all the wrong questions and perhaps even their motivations are misplaced.

Whether they’re going for wins or for players, they’re probably using data in the decision-making process. Most of us use data evidence in some form or another or we wouldn’t be doing our jobs very well. My question is, How does that data help to inform strategic questions, specifically getting us to ask the right ones?Needless to say, the value of data-driven strategy is an enormous competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace. Asking the right questions, or, perhaps better, asking new questions never before considered, depends on seeing data evidence differently and from new perspectives. With new tools to analyze data, new competitive advantage is possible.

And what of visualization and workforce planning and analytics and reporting?

It’s a simple analogy: when you look at your workforce analytics and reporting tools, they may initially answer the questions for which you were seeking insight, but as you continue to use those tools you’re effectively working with blinders on. How does one develop new questions based on tools that only offer one- or two-dimensional views?

That’s the beauty of OrgInsight by Macromicro. Its data visualizations are designed and customized to provide a new perspective of your organization’s workforce in an interactive view across time. Launch OrgInsight and see whether your span of control isn’t meeting your 8×8 organization design goal, and, more significantly, see where your pressure points are and how they’ve changed over time. Figure out why things are the way they are on a high level, but also a local one.

Existing analytics tools struggle in providing answers to the why. Macromicro introduces interactive visualizations to your toolbox that keeps your goals in sight while affording quick ways to pivot around hundreds of thousands of data points.

Put those insights into action and have confidence based on the contextual understanding provided by Macromicro. Ask new questions, study the data with ease and intuition, drive change, and gain competitive advantage. The more evidence-based your questions are, the more right they are likely to be.

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