On Actionable Analytics.


Nice article in HRZONE, by Leighanne Levensaler, Vice President at Workday, about “actionable analytics.” It gets to the heart of what we set out to solve at Macromicro with OrgInsight. Levensaler states that “business professionals lack the tools to organically discover information about their workforce.” The whole process of discovery is central to our visualized approach, where patterns or concentration of employees with certain attributes become immediately apparent (one part of our organization is aging much faster than another, for example).

The “actionable” part comes from “making it easy to access, analyse, and then act upon the findings” — which, in our view, is massively facilitated by organization visualizations.

Levensaler also notes “to make actionable analytics work, an intuitive and modern user experience is critical.” We agree completely — and this is at the heart of our design approach. We would agree no other HR analytics provider comes close to our unique, clean and modern approach to insightful workforce analytics.

She closes with “incredibly exciting time to be in the field of HR” — we would add especially when your pushing the boundaries of visualization and user interface design.

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