OrgInsight featured on SAP HANA blog


Macromicro was excited to be featured in SAP Startup Focus Program blog as a use-case of leveraging SAP HANA Cloud Platform for securely managing and quickly analyzing workforce-related data.

Below is the SAP blog excerpt and read the rest on their blog here

HANA Use Case: Macromicro
SAP HANA, an in-memory platform, enables managing, analyzing, and processing of big data, allowing applications to run analytics directly on transactional data and its users to react to their businesses in real time.

The DNA of all organizations lies in their structure. Undestanding the implicit nature of an organization’s structure on people and processes is not easy however. Given this challenge, Startup Focus member Macromicro developed a technology that leverages big data to tell the story of organizations and their structures. In Q4 of 2014, reached the final phase of the Startup Focus Program to validate its HR Analytics Data Visualization Service.

The company makes revolutionary visual tools that describe scale, structure, hierarchies, and employee composition of large organizations to enable workforces to run operationally smarter and plan with more data driven results in mind. Read more on SAP blog
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