Your Workforce, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.


New to OrgInsight is functionality that has been a prototype for a few months now: a workforce data timeline. Users of Macromicro’s analytics platform can now see snapshots of their organization over past quarters and click through these troves of data with ease. The visualizations clearly show changes and trends for specific use cases. If a team is seeking to lower spans of control in certain divisions, a simple comparison of color density and supporting workforce data makes for an efficient, effective inquiry. See where waves of senior employees are building up, then proactively mitigate the possibility of retirements. See concentrations of flight risks across the organization and address the issue early. These historical data can have profound impact on the future of your organization. Now, it’s all at your fingertips, clear and informative.

Below, 22,000 employees are spread across 9 divisions (horizontally) and 12 layers (vertically).

As we look at their spans of control, the darkest areas of blue represent 15+ reports. Comparing Q4 2012 (left) and Q4 2013 (right), the highest levels have dropped in layers 3 through 6, meeting the company’s goals. These visualizations are accompanied by tabular data, further enhancing HR’s ability to affect broad organizational change.

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