Macromicro was launched in 2013 and has grown to include a team of technical experts, advisors, and industry professionals. It grew out of academia and the corporate environment and now creates superb products for smarter organizational insight. Our founders include:

Brad Peterson

Chief Executive Officer

Brad Peterson is an entrepreneur and founding partner of Macromicro. His recent background includes a number of years working for Nokia at its corporate headquarters in Finland, mostly in business development functions. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Bucknell University, and an MBA from IMD, Switzerland. Mr. Peterson is a co-founder and carries out executive functions, business strategy, and software development for Macromicro.

@telech / brad.peterson [at] macromicro.com

Alex Cheek

Chief Design Officer

An assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Alex is a designer and researcher in the overlapping space of design, technology, and the humanities. At Carnegie Mellon, Professor Cheek teaches design and design research to students in Information Systems with a focus on interaction and information design, human experience and human ecology. With other research initiatives, Alex is a founding partner of Macromicro.

@arwcheek / alex [at] macromicro.com

Harri Nieminen

Chief Technology Officer

Harri Nieminen has years of experience of HRIT, managing large SAP HCM systems and integration of HR data. He has studied HR accounting and worked on improving HR reporting. This expertise has helped Macromicro develop its visual tools. Mr. Nieminen holds degrees in Business Administration and Human Resource Management from the University of Tampere. Based in Helsinki and Singapore, he lead SAP HR technology at Nokia.

@nieminen_h / harri.nieminen [at] macromicro.com

Our Partners

Macromicro OrgInsight is a native SAP HANA Cloud Platform Application. We are members of the SAP Partner Edge program and SAP Silver Partner.

Aspen Advisors is a full service Talent and People Analytics consulting company. Aspen Advisors combines advisory and business intelligence into “Analytics as a Service”.

HRIZONS is an integrated human capital management (iHCM) solutions and consulting firm with a focus on SAP SuccessFactors and cloud HCM solutions.

“Data visualization and interaction design together address a great challenge of our time: as we reach new levels of complexity in our organizations, spreadsheets and other familiar analytic tools prove insufficient. Now we can begin to study complex relationships and unveil patterns that are difficult or impossible to understand in text and numbers alone.”

Alexander R. Wilcox Cheek, Co-Founder & CDO