Macromicro’s CEO panelist at CHRO workforce planning forum

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Macromicro Co-Founder and President, Brad Peterson, was part of a panel on Workforce Planning, held at the fall forum of the Health Management Academy in Deer Vally, Utah October 27th. The panel provided insights on Workforce Planning to forum members, both Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) and Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs).

Mr. Peterson presented Macromicro’s visual workforce application OrgInsight and discussed some of the challenges around collecting relevant workforce data and providing access to such data to a wide verity of managers. Mr. Peterson followed Tony Bohn (Chief Human Resource Officer, Norton Healthcare), and Tracy Williams (Chief Nursing Officer, Norton Healthcare) who discussed recruiting, retention and attrition issues across the nursing population at Norton Healthcare, as well as their workforce management systems.

About Health Management Academy CHRO workforce planning forum
The Health Management Academy (The Academy) is a knowledge-based company exclusively for the executives of the largest integrated health systems and the industry’s most innovative healthcare companies. Academy members represent the Top-100 U.S. health systems in the United States.

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