Joberate + OrgInsight = cost savings and cost avoidance


Happy Tuesday!

We have been busy at Macromicro.

On the technology development side, OrgInsight is now listed as an official application for SAP customers in the SAP Store. We are also developing a strategic integration with SuccessFactors, a native connector to the SAP’s cloud-based Human Capital Management system (more on this later).

However, all this technology is unimportant if our brand of self-service HR analytics and workforce data-discovery solutions doesn’t help our clients’ proactively generate more revenue, reduce cost or improve the ability to manage risk. We are always seeking ways to offer value-added information and analytics to help our clients evolve towards a more proactive data-driven mindset and develop a measurable impact on revenue generation or cost reduction.

Who is Joberate™? And what is the value-added by the J-Score™?

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership and API integration with Joberate™. Joberate is the world’s first and only technology platform that monitors and measures live job seeking activities of the global workforce leveraging publicly available social media data. Joberate tracks — in real-time — job seeking behaviors of the global workforce by analyzing the publicly available “big” social data (e.g. blog posts, LinkedIn changes, tweets, and more) which rolls up into a J-Score: the predictive propensity that a client employee is seeking a new employment opportunity.

Proactively managing employee retention with enterprise-wide predictive employee satisfaction score

This unique partnership with Joberate enables us to provide our clients with the capability to leverage their employees’ J-Score to study employee satisfaction and engagement. By visualizing the J-Score, users can gain insights at the individual level (perhaps with the goal to retain high performing employees) but also see enterprise-wide patterns to discern entire groups’ or divisions’ engagement and job satisfaction.

This unique combination of J-Score as a leading indicator with other indicative yet lagging employee attributes (e.g. performance appraisal scores, employee engagement scores, and comparatio benchmarks) will help HR executives and line of business managers proactively reduce the risk of key employee attrition and avoid additional hiring costs.
Joberate + OrgInsight = cost savings and cost avoidance

Companies spend more than $400 billion globally on staffing services in an effort to attract and recruit top talent with $124 billion of the global spend occurring in the U.S. Once an employee is hired, retaining them is critical for productivity but also to avoid additional unnecessary talent acquisition cost avoidance. According to a Center for American Progress, the cost to replace a worker, depending on their skill set, can range from 10%-30% of their salary. The same study found that to replace executives and other niche roles can be as high as 213% of their salary. In total, voluntary attrition represents a $350 billion global problem that businesses must address strategically.

Together, Joberate and Macromicro represent a proactive solution to quickly and easily identify employee flight risks and empower human resources executives and line of business managers to make data-driven human capital decisions.

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section or schedule a conversation with us today to learn more about OrgInsight (now with the J-Score).

SAP Customers can find OrgInsight in the SAP App Store or contact us!