We just won a Pinnacle award!

Brad PetersonAwards, SAP

2016 SAP Pinnacle Award, Macromicro, OrgInsight

Wow. Just Wow. All of us here at Macromicro are honored and excited to have won this year’s SAP Pinnacle award for Application Development Partner of the Year.

We are a start-up, and all of us have toiled hard over that past couple years, keeping our heads down concentrating on our product and our customers, so it comes as a huge affirmation of our time and effort spent to win such a prestigious award.

We started our journey with SAP about two years ago, first through the SAP Startup Focus program, then on to PartnerEdge. At each step of the way we knew we had made the right choice in SAP – and specifically in the HANA Could Platform (HCP) and its ecosystem. With HCP we are able to push the boundaries of innovation, by focusing on what we do best, front-end visualization of complex data, while leveraging HANA and it’s in-memory capabilities to do the heavy lifting on the back-end.

We are really excited to be part of the SAP ecosystem and to continue pushing forward with our never ending list of development ideas.