CHROs: See workforce data distributed across your organization. See how individuals compare. See it now.


    See in visual terms those prone to flight risk. Highlight the highest performers in an organization who also have low compensation ratios. Matches to this query are displayed and can be viewed in divisions or layer-by-layer. Quickly spot higher concentrations of flight risk employees.


    Immediately see concentrations and patterns of high spans of control. These might be outside of an optimal scenario for the company or different divisions (e.g., high spans at low levels may suit manufacturing or legal divisions, but not marketing or business development). Whether your optimal spans and layers scenario is 8×8, 10×10, or 4×6, OrgInsight will quickly highlight those who fall outside this metric and require attention.


    As part of succession planning and organizational insight, find future leaders across the organization or on a division-by-division basis. Through quick and simple methods, Macromicro filters through performance and leadership data to show highest performing individuals. Combine with job grade data, layers, geography, function, or division to help target people for promotion.


    Use organizational data to integrate and unite workforces. Balance and optimize compensation, job grades, and more. What’s the scale of our new acquisition? How do the compensation ratios in finance compare between existing employees and the onboarded ones? How different are the job grades and spans of control between the two companies?


    Instantly spot waves of retirement in key positions — those who are reaching retirement age and those who have announced their departure. Rather than relying on aggregate reports, the visualization shows groups and reporting chains that are all at risk of leaving in the near future. Intelligently prepare succession plans and be ready for organizational change.


    Select the data of your choice that need to be audited or cleaned. With visual presentation, users can instantly find orphaned employees, inadvertent breaks in hierarchy, misappropriations, and other data anomalies. Workforce analytics becomes not just more informative but comprehensive and accurate.


    You or your analysis team can also use Macromicro to explore freely, looking at different dimensions through exploration and play. Users have stumbled upon insight about their organization that was entirely unseen before presented in a visual, interactive manner.


    Use Macromicro for inquiries and issues around diversity. See nationality or gender and see diversity across geographies and divisions. Combine this with job grades or compensation ratios to see potential cases of discrimination.

    See job grade figures distributed across an organization that deviate from the organizational norm. These could be inadvertent artifacts of mergers, acquisitions, or reorganizations, or even by design. It prompts further inquiry or possible change.