PeopleMap is now a completely rebuilt product available at


Empower your employees with the most intuitive, dynamic way of navigating the organization. With PeopleMap, users can easily interact with the organizational landscape, connect with colleagues, search and see across boundaries.

Macromicro’s PeopleMap compliments your existing org chart and employee directory. Connected to your existing HRIS database, or through periodic flat file updates, PeopleMap enhances your corporate intranet portal. It provides a rich place of discovery through a visual, holistic view of your organization, displaying divisions, units, countries, states, and offices. Employees can navigate, search, network, and collaborate with ease and focus in on an individual level. Directors of 5 or 5,000 can more easily manage their reports while employees can collaborate across the company, composing project groups with diverse skills and abilities. Users across the company can navigate the broad landscape, see how they fit in the greater context, and who their immediate neighbors and reports are.

Here, technical operations — in light blue — has been opened up to reveal individuals. Even though this particular company employs 92,000 people, users can quickly dive in to see groups and individuals. All while cognizant of the bigger picture.


Your typical org chart: boxes and lines, low-resolution, and limited to a couple dozen employees. They rarely provide the big picture, inaccurately represent shape and proportion, and inhibit navigation. SharePoint’s Organization Browser (pictured) is limited in scope, search, and collaborative possibility.

PeopleMap has a stunningly high data-to-pixel ratio. Everyone is in view and at your fingertips with precise and revolutionary visualizations. See the broad landscape or dive in to see groups and individuals. It’s safe to say you’ve never seen your company like this, nor have your colleagues become so accessible.

Compliment your existing org chart solutions and conduct easy, visual searches across divisions and geographies. Find skills and make connections with search results illuminated on the map and in context.

Who across the company works in marketing? Where are my 2800 reports located, and how many have financial expertise? Who are the people on my project and where are they located? Who has database administration skills that I can collaborate with? What does Gayle Eberhardt’s 402 person organization look like?

Macromicro Export and share visualizations. Embed the most precise org map into your reports and PowerPoints. Now, everybody can be on the same page with shared organizational understanding.