Thanks SAP for support at our First TechEd and HRTech!


What a great week for Macromicro in Las Vegas! Believe it or not, Brad and I were there on business for our third time at the HR Tech show and our FIRST time at SAP’s TechEd Show. We were bummed our CDO, Alex could not make it all the way from Doha, Qatar. We certainly missed our CTO, Harri, presence but felt his force by making sure OrgInsight 2.0 on SAP HANA Cloud Platform performed perfectly.

Brad and I didn’t spend much time together as there were lots of opportunities to meet interested folks in Vegas. We had our own booth plus Brad was showcasing OrgInsight at SAP’s SuccessFactors booth as well. Thanks for the support at HR Tech, SAP and SuccessFactors!

SAP HANAWhile Brad held down the fort at HR Tech, SAP invited me to head down the Vegas Strip to the Venetian hotel to participate at SAP’s TechEd show. For those not familiar, TechEd is SAP’s annual tech conference focused on development and innovation. It is a great way to learn how to get enabled on SAP Hana Cloud Platform and other SAP technologies with new product announcements and the ability to network with product and development colleagues. (Here’s hoping that SAP HANA SPS 10 will be on HCP soon!)

Specifically, we were also fortunate enough to be one of two (!) startups that were featured at SAP’s innovation summit at TechEd and one of seven participating at SAP’s TechEd.

In fact, I was privileged to participate in a short interview on SAP TechEd’s Live Studio. Hosted by the VP of the Startup Focus Program (SFP) Development Accelerator at SAP Labs, David Sonnenschein, I was joined by fellow SFP members Simon Bain, CEO, SearchYourCloud and Pete Reilly, Sales, Marketing & Implementation, AnswerRocket to discuss “SAP Startup Focus Program: The Journey, The Results”.

According to David Sonnenschein, OrgInsight is one of 185 solutions that are validated on SAP Hana ready to “go to market”. There are reportedly over 2000 startups in SAP’s SFP at various stages, but we are one of the few that is ICC Certified for SAP HANA. Moreover, we have already “gone to market” with customers like Rackspace. According to David Sacks of SAP’s PartnersEdge program, OrgInsight is one of the first native SAP HANA Cloud Platform applications. According to our CTO, Harri, OrgInsight seems to be one of the first non-SAP developed HR domain specific application developed for SAP HANA.

Thanks to David Sonnenschein and the rest of SAP Startup Focus Team (Deepak Aher, Michelle Hickey, Mayank Mathur, Soum Chattersjee, Kelsey Domme) and to David Sacks (go Pats!) of SAP’s PartnerEdge for all they have been and are doing for Macromicro!

If you are from the conference and are interested in learning more about Macromicro and OrgInisght, our visualized workforce analytics application, please click here email me (Rich) or click here to schedule conversation with us.