Visual Perspective for Workforce Analytics

  • Proactive Organizational Planning
  • Evidence-Based Decision-Making
  • Workforce Data in Human Context

New Intelligence Across Your Organization


Macromicro makes revolutionary visual tools that describe scale, structure, hierarchies, and employee composition of large organizations. Fly through troves of workforce data in rich, insightful, data-dense interfaces. Conduct analysis and drive proactive strategic planning with evidence and precision.

OrgInsight provides a unified interface for workforce analysts to study multivariate data and explore their organization in a fluid, dynamic manner. Dive into specific inquiries and monitor change from an entirely new perspective.

PeopleMap is a perspective for all employees to navigate their organization, search, connect, and collaborate. It extends your existing org chart offering and draws from your HRIS system.

“Generating insight out of the data should not require a data scientist. OrgInsight complements our existing analytic capabilities by offering a curated experience that allows my team to study employee attribute data in the organizational context.”  
- Robert Lanning, senior dapifer of HR Research, Insights, and Analytics at Rackspace."


1,000 or 500,000 People

This is the blueprint of your organization; the DNA of your workforce.

Capture thousands of employees in a single window. Visually analyze the workforce and all its complexity in a single interface with precision.


See + Search Across Time

Search for attributes and individuals and see changes in these data over time.

Visualization illuminates concentrations, patterns, trends, and insight you've never had in spreadsheets and static pie charts.


Compare Distributions

Compensation ratios in UK vs. France? Two seconds.

Compensation ratios + UK/France + female/male + spans of control + this quarter/last quarter? Three seconds.


Monitor Trends

Check-in quickly and easily on trends and patterns. Real-time, multivariate data is fed to our dashboard through the SAP HANA platform.

Having your data in one place is revolutionary in terms of the insight it can provide.